Sunday, December 7, 2008

how to live in the NOW

Living in the moment takes some practice. I'm going to share the best way I know to get the mind and body to stay in the present. It is very powerful and I learned it back when I was a Brain Gym consultant. The process is called PACE. We will start with the letter "E" and work backwards to help you remember the process.

E is for ENERGY. Which equals drinking water.

Every part of the body needs water to live. Most people live in a dehydrated state. If you are thirsty it is an alarm going off that you are 1 litter low on your water level.

C is for CLEAR. So we are going to do what is called Brain Buttons

Brain Buttons are done by placing one hand over your belly button while the other hand stimulates pressure points between your ribs.These pressure points are located between the first and second ribs directly under the collar bones (clavicle) and to the right and left of your sternum. When you find the "sore spots" you know you are in the right place.

Your carotid arteries are under that points where you are rubbing. Which stimulates blood flow to the brain. Your hand that is placed on your navel is bringing awarness to the gravitational center of your body. Also creates a circut so that the increase of energy is flowing back into your system. This process helps clear the mind and keeps one focused.

A is for ACTIVE. So the active part of PACE is the CROSS CRAWL.

Which is a cross-lateral walking in place. So touch your right elbow and to your left knee and then your left elbow to your right knee. Do this activity slowly for best results. Do at least 40 cross crawls.

This movement is activating both right and left brain at the same time which allows communication to your whole body. Any time you feel stuck or out of balance....meaning you bump into something this activity will get you flowing again.

P is for POSITIVE. So the next Brain Gym movement we will do is called HOOK UPS.

You can do this one standing or sitting down. Start by placing one ankle over the other one. Doesn't matter which one. So your feet are crossed. Then cross your arms, thumbs down, and clap hands together...interlocking your fingers. Then bring your your hands up and in between to settle next to your heart. Now that you are in this position. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth right behind your teeth. Then deep breathe. Stay in this position for at least 2 min. After the two min, uncross everything and then put your finger tips together. Keep them there until you feel the pulse sensation in all your fingers. Once they are all firing at the same are then complete.

This movement brings attention to the frontal lobes of the brain...and getting one out of the survival centers in the reptilian brain. So this exercise is the best one for when your stress levels are too high. Even though everything is still the same around you....with this movement you take yourself out of the situation.

That is PACE. It sounds simple and it is. It is very powerful! When I was learning this for the first time I noticed the shift...the peace....the focus. I also realized how quickly it would leave. So I would have to put myself back into PACE several times a day. I remember counting one time that I did it 56 times in one day. I stuck with it and noticed that doing PACE in the morning started lasting longer and longer. I realized that I never knew how to live in the present until I learned PACE.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a magical Halloween.

I was able to dress up as a witch and go trunk-or-treating with a dear friend and her children.

Just a little about is something that is practiced in Utah...Here the major religion is Mormon...and so the "ward" (which is how they put neighbors into a group so they can attend church together) will meet at the Church building and hand out the candy to all the children as they pass by.

I have attended such a gathering two yrs in a row now. First year I went as a shark, which has been my nick name since high school so that other students could remember my name. Thanks David!!

So last year I got as much exercise as walking miles to collect all the candy. Only because I was chasing the neighborhood children as the shark. At first I would scare them a little until they saw my face through the thin layer and then they would say with a sigh and a smile "oh, it's just You, Shar" and then as the picture shows above I would eat them. Big hit and so, yes, we were running and running all around.

This year I stood by the truck so that Janet could walk around with her children.
So only a few pieces of candy for me....for I didn't walk any off.

Janet has two little girls one 5 and 3. They both wanted me to dress up as something totally different. So I thought about it to some extent and decided to go as a witch with little Cort. She went as a witch last year because I kept finding all the perfect items for her costume. Last year she wasn't as excited. This year days before halloween she was riding with her mother and blurted out that she was going to be the witch for halloween and she was going to wear the hair and the broom and she went into great detail about her costume from the year before. LOL.
Once at Janet's house I find out that Sarah, the 5 yr old was trick-or-treating with her it would just be me and Cort. Perfect :) I love going with what I hear and feel.
Enjoy the magic of the Holidays

Thursday, October 23, 2008

who needs sleep anyway?

My mind is so full right now....
My joy is over flowing...
Sleep is little to none. All different hours of the day.
Friends are not getting a hold of me as easily as before this grand adventure.

For this is my time to be making new connections. I am so grateful for meeting such wonderful new people. I love the computer and how I can throw myself out there. People fascinate me...I love learning new things with every single person I met.

I have been a very private soft spoken person in my past. I have had 7 great experiences of stepping into who I am and sharing. Then stepping back and doing other things. This is my 8th experience and I am ready for it to blow me away!!
No more stepping back and hiding. That is over....I feel it throughout me. So many times something new will come up and I will start to hesitate....and then really look at it and say "wow!! That isn't an issue for me any is completely gone" and then move forward with a leap not a step.
On with the excitement!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Knew...

...that as soon as I would go lay down all the dreams of the past week would come flooding back to me. And that all I wanted to do was BLOG....Ok so the thing that stands out the most is I am having dreams while asleep and then when I wake up I am experiencing my dreams. That is R-A-P-I-D for me. I haven't experienced this fast of manifestation before and I am loving it. It isn't new to me....just in the past it would be oh, anywhere from 1 month to 5 yrs and then I would see the dream come to pass.

I'll share this crazy funny one with you. I was dreaming that my fire alarm was low on batteries so i was hearing that high pitch beep every few min. I was busy and I can tune out things like that rather easily. So I was going about my business and in my dream I saw my neighbor call the number on the lawn for the Realtor. She told him he had better make me turn that off and blah blah blah....the threats continued. So he came to the house saw that I was there and did a few things but never fixed the alarm. During the day I was enjoying work and the fire alarm started yelling LOW BATTERY at me. I did not tune it out and ran upstairs and pulled the thing off the ceiling until I put the new battery in it today.

A little back ground is needed for this one.
I recently got 17" of my hair removed from my head. Yes, I donated it. I really enjoy doing that because my hair grows soooo fast. (and a great excuse to keep my color of hair....shhhhh don't tell anyone) The girl that cut my hair was shocked that I wanted to go "that short", so she didn't really cut it as short as I wanted it to be. I had been a bit unsettled and didn't send my pic to the people I promised one to. I only got together with one it was really bothering me and I needed to do something about it. I had this instruction dream on how to cut my hair the way I wanted it in the picture.....(no schooling OR experience other than this dream....K.)
I got up from the dream went right into the bathroom pulled out the scissors and started chopping.....filled the sink with my hair and boy oh boy I loved the results and took the pic on my phone and sent it

Oh, so in the alarm dream you might have picked up on that the house is "FOR SALE" I am only living here until it sells for my sister. It has provided a wonderful place for me to spend the odd hours of getting a new business started. I have also spiritually/energetically met the new owners. Their little son is a pure delight and it seems that a new sister is on their way....not here yet and it might be a few months after they move in that she finds that she is pregnant. He has adjusted nicely to his new 'soon to be' home.....he runs around here often...thank goodness I can tune things out!! lol. I also hear the woman, his mommy, on the phone quite often. I will keep you posted and let you know how soon I meet them in physical form. Willing the magic of RAPID to apply here.

Here is hoping this settled my blogging needs and desires. Good morning to most as I say my good night.

Dream a little dream

It has been a week full of dreams. I have been having several a night and it is layer upon layer of messages. Very vivid and the ones you can't shake until you address them. I have also been talking to people about their dreams. One reoccurring theme that people are bringing up is their fears. Right now people are facing a lot of fear. I believe that the news we are hearing about is rather blown out of proportion and you have a choice to unplug from that fear so that it no longer is feeding into your personal fears.

A life of peace and happiness is a lot less stressful. Go to the forum for advice on how to unplug.

I will return to blog a dream after a little sleep...and maybe that dream will be the one I write....until then RAPID eye movement!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The hot topic of late is seeing colors and lights like never before. And not just flashes or something that is easily pushed nothing.
I love how this is opening up for so many people. It is ranging from the first time ever seeing "something like this" to people that are seeing the EXACT same thing as a loved one. Then they get to talk about it with each other.
There have been a few people that are needing more color in their own life at this seasonal change....we have just left the Bright Colorful Light of Summer....and this shift is difficult to some. To help with this transition keep putting on your favorite colors....don't put them away yet for fall and winter.
I have found that my body is wanting a ton of ORANGE food right now....Yes, I understand it is for creation....things are being created very quickly for me right now and it is a very joyous time. I love that my body wants to celebrate with me and assist with more creation.
I have also needed some red food. SO make sure that Your diet is full of color right now. Eat your greens and up some healing and some personal power...right now is the time! I enjoy hearing from you and keep these HOT TOPICS coming.

I am going to invite Jeannie to talk about her beautiful experience of brilliant light and color. I would love for all to hear and experience it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Any one remember the tv series back in the early 90's called THE OTHERS???
This was my first witness and tangible who I was and what I was personally experiencing. I was drawn to that show and my understanding was expanding.

There was the blind man that could see.....clairvoyant
The beautiful woman that could communicate with spirits and so she would clear homes, businesses....whatever that was deemed "haunted"
The handsome man that worked in the hospital and he could bring people back from the dead.
The hyperactive man that recognized "signs" or "messages" from a higher source.
And then THE young college girl that was an empath.

The whole show was about these people that understood who they are and what their gifts where and how they all worked together.....and they were wanting this young college girl to join them because then the work that they were doing was quicker and more powerful. Yet this young girl was afraid of what she was experiencing and didn't want to face what was happening to her. This group of what the show called "misfits" (way to often for my tastes because for the first time I related to something)......would get together on a regular basis and combine their "gifts" to help others. A kidnapped girl...a plane that was going to go down.....teaching this young girl about her gifts.

The girl found THE OTHERS because she kept feeling like she was going to die in her apartment. Come to find out a girl committed suicide a year earlier. The show was only one season. I would not miss this show if my life depended on it....and I could tell you small details about it.....I drank it in and embraced it into my life.....stored it. One of the best compliments my mother ever told me was after watching the last episode with me.....she said; "I am so glad I got to watch some of this with you because now I understand YOU better"

This was the early 90's.....I felt like I was alone. The first time that I ever told someone that spirits visit me almost every night, I was in college and I was working as a CNA doing graveyard shifts. I was in nursing school when I helped my first person pass over to the other side. I vividly remember the time I worked with someone on her death bed.....and after a few hours she was out of bed and eating. Signs....yes I lived by looking at signs and putting the puzzle together. Seeing things that were going to happen helped me get through many MANY things in my life. Clearing spaces...yes when didn't I.....Empath!!! All the time......I rejoice in the day that I learned that it WASN'T all me. Creating boundaries......VERY needed in my life. I highly suggest everyone understand and create that in their own life. Yes, so my life has been full of adventure and all sorts of dimensions. Never a dull moment....and now is full of love and joy.

There were many days that I wished for a friend in the flesh that I could talk to....and could understand me. I had to learn to open up too....cause I was such a private person. Now I want to download everything I know and understand to as many people as want it....take what works for you and leave the rest beliefs are not everyone's beliefs. But I can rapidly help you step into the gift that is apart of your life.

So when people ask me what I can do or who I am....I tell them that I help others know what their gift is/are. One of my favorite learning moments of what/who I am came because I was with a friend that could smell when different angels were around. It was amazing...cause I was smelling them too. I was on my own trying out my new smelling ability and you should have heard my guides...with pure love in their laughter....telling me "that isn't is her gift"